Football Craft



Football Craft is a 3D mobile soccer shot strategy game with realistic physics calculations. Football Craft has 5 different game modes(Tournament, Online, Wall Kick, Hit Targets, Random Shots) at 3 different difficulty levels. There are 16 teams at tournament level at 1 difficulty level. Game is available at App Store and Google Play Store.



You can edit your players shirt, short, sock, skin, hair colors. Also you can edit your players name and number at shirt. Editing can be done from Profile Menu.


You have 3 skills to improve your shots. You can improve your skills by gaining points or by scoring goal against Raster Studio Team or by purchasing.

  • Power: Affects your shot power.
  • Swerve: Affects your shot swerve.
  • Poker Faces: Adds negative timing of goalkeeper knows where your shot gone.

Goalkeepers have 3 skills to improve their keeping.

  • Size: Affects goalkeeper size.
  • Speed: Affects goalkeeper speed.
  • Anticipation: Adds positive timing of goalkeeper knows where your shot gone.


There are 3 high scores type in high scores menu. Best goals, best medals and best scores. Also you can watch your own best goals replays and world best goals replays from high scores menu.